A Good Roof Tile: How do I recognize it?

Many people wonder how to recognize a good clay roof tile, what are the most important characteristics to take in consideration and how to guarantee that the product that will cover the most important part of a home will cover also at least the basic requirements.

In South Florida and California there’s a diverse tile manufacturers and clay roof tile importers due to the high demand for this kind of products. at the same time, in these States there are regulations to make sure the products meet certain basic criteria. For example, Miami Dade County in Florida requires minimum resistance for uplift (winds) and mandates that manufacturers complies with a NOA (Notice of Acceptance). This NOA has to be renewed every few years and manufacturers must perform quarterly tests to keep compliance as well. Besides these, there’s the Flrida Building Code, which also covers a section about roofing and installers must be incompliance with this code as well. Depending on the are where you live, you’ll have to comply with different codes, at National, State and City level.

Another Standard for clay roof tiles is the ASTM 1167 which is a National standard organization that in this section describes the different characteristics of clay roof tiles and its uses.

As a homeowner or even a builder, you should make sure the product you select complies with all the required codes and norms of the place the tiles are going to be installed. as a general rule, a local roofer or contractor should know all these details, but don’t take it for granted. Doing some questions and asking the right questions will give you piece of mind and the warranty that your investment is well done.

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