Clay tiles are eco-friendly

One of the most beautiful characteristics of clay roof tiles is that they are made from natural elements: clay and water. Our mother Earth has provided us with this excusive, fine and humble material that is clay, to give shape to the most amazing objects that the creative invention of man can bring to life.

Roofing tiles made with this material are recyclable, they can last for centuries and be re-used in future projects if they are treated appropriately when installing and tearing them off. They resist the endurance of time and harsh climates. even though there’s a misconception about its resistance, good clay roof tiles are very strong, can be walked on and, if properly installed, they can withstand high winds.

Most clay roof tiles have high solar reflectance, making the roof cooler, reflecting the heat to the outside. thanks to their Spanish style, clay roof tiles also provide a thermal barrier that also helps keep the heat out of your roof and/or attic, which means less energy cost throughout the year.

besides its beautiful appeal, clay roof tiles make sense: natural product, recyclable, energy efficient, strong and durable… the perfect investment for your home and the environment.

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