What’s the life expectancy of roof tiles?

There are many factors that affect the life expectancy of a roof (weather conditions, structure age and condition, natural acts, the material used, installation, maintenance, etc)

In the case of roofing tiles, manufacturers usually claim to have a life expectancy of 50 years or more. Some even guarantee their products for 75 years. This does not mean that roof tiles made out of clay for example, can last even longer. Just a look at the old Europe buildings can give you a true testament of how long and well can clay roof tile last. If the structure permits it and the weather conditions are not so harsh, they can last for centuries.

Moreover, clay roof tiles maintain their color and aesthetic look for its lifespan almost intact (depending on some conditions of quality and weather, too) It is a relatively light weight product and if the structure is new or in good shape, roofing tiles can really extend the life of your property, too.

 The National Association of Home Builders developed a report with information on life expectancy of different products for a home, based on information of manufacturers. The following chart is for roofing products:

Roofing Life in years
Asphalt and wood shingles and shakes 15-30
Tile (depends on quality of tile and climate) 50
Slate (depends on grade) 50-100
Sheet metal (depends on gauge of metal and quality of fastening and application) 20-50+
Built-up roofing, asphalt 12-25
Built-up roofing, coal and tar 12-30
Asphalt composition shingle 15-30
Asphalt over-lag 25-35
Source: National Roofing Contractors Association


With this in mind, it makes complete sense to choose quality products that are guaranteed for more than 50 years. That gives a good idea on the low cost of the total investment.

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